Table Bouquets

Balloon bouquets are an inexpensive alternative to flowers. They add WOW to the room.
Decorating Ideas
Balloons are great at bringing focus to a person in the room or to help create a theme or mood for the party. It's A Gas tailors your decorating specifically for your event. The head table is often the most important focal point for a Wedding. Gumballs placed behind the head table create a great photo backdrop in your favorite colors.
Print your names on balloons and give them away to get people to remember you, or use them to decorate your event.
To Order Helium
It's A Gas rents and sells helium tanks.  Call 909-982-3301 to learn how you can get set up with a helium tank for your event. Or click the "Go Now" button.
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Providing Unique Balloon Decor or the Helium, Supplies, and Education You Need to Do-It-Yourself!
It's A Gas
"Thank you so much for setting up everything so quickly. I truly appreciate it, and I'm very happy you guys came out today!
I love the jokes and look forward to doing business with you." -Michelle Paterra, Mulligan Family Fun Center
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Decorating Equipmentt.
How long will my balloons float?

-If you are using 11" balloons, they will float for 11 to 15 hours. Larger balloons, such as 17" and 24" will float for 15 to 36 hours. Balloon float time depends on many other conditions. For example, elevation has an effect on float time. Also heat and cold have an effect on float time. If you need balloons to float longer or if you will be doing decorating outside, you should think about moving up to a jumbo 17" balloon.
Why are my balloons popping?

-You may have a cheaper brand balloon. Consider using a high quality such as Tuf-Tex.
-The heat may be affecting the balloons. Helium expands in heat, so you need to underinflate the balloons if it is hotter than 80 degrees.
-You may be blowing up your balloons too big. A full balloon should look round or oval. The balloon is too big if you see the bottom buldging out.
What equipment can make me faster?

-The Dual Speed Valve is a regulator that blows up balloons off of a helium tank about 3 times faster than a regular filler.
-A 4 Tip Air Machine allows you to blow up 2 balloons at a time AND have someone else working with you at the same time.
-A Ribbon Rack can help you prep your bouquet weights quickly. You can fill up the rack with many ribbon and then pull all the ribbon at once and cut them at the same time and then tie them to your weight.
-A Dolly will help you move your tank around safely and quickly.

How long will it take to receive my balloons?

-Most balloons are kept in stock and ready to ship or deliver. If you are in Southern California, we will deliver to you on our regularly scheduled delivery date for your area (unless you call with an emergency). If you are Nationwide, the balloons usually ship within a day or two of you placing your order, and then the items travel by UPS Ground. If you need the equipment faster, please call us directly for your order instead of using the Paypal buttons on our site.
Is there a way to get balloons to float longer?

-Yes! You can Hi-Float the balloons ahead of time. Then you can inflate the balloons a day before your event and they will stay up for 3 to 5 days depending on the size of the balloon. 
-You can also use a bigger sized balloon, such as a 17" or 24". They float for a day and a half to 2 days.
Can I get Set-Up on account for payment?

-If you are an established business in Southern California, we will usually set you up on a Net 30 account. You must fill out a New Customer Form in order to be on account.

-If you are a new business or calling for personal use, we usually ask for payment upon delivery.
What forms of payment does It's A Gas take?

-It's A Gas takes Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX. We also take checks and cash.

-We offer Paypal through our website.

-We also offer a Net 30 to businesses. If we set you up on a Net 30, we accept check as payment.
I like working with balloons, how do I learn to decorate with them?

-We have a Learning page where you can find out about classes we teach, a book that we offer and online videos that you can download and watch. We offer free decorating tips when we deliver to you, just feel free to ask a driver for help.
What can I expect upon delivery from It's A Gas?

-It's A Gas drivers will take you through the process of using the tank properly, safety, and how to blow up the balloons. We can also show you basic, fun balloons designs to help you stand out! Ask us about the balloon flower or watch how to make it right now!
Can I blow up my balloons the day before my event?

-It depends on the size of the balloon and whether you are using hi-float or not. If you order 11" balloons, you should not blow them up the day before your event because they will fall to the ground probably over-nite.
If you  use 17" balloons, you could consider blowing them up the day before, but balloons oxidize, meaning they look cloudy after a few hours, and you may want to wait until just a few hours before your event so that your balloons look better.
How do I order balloons?

-Most of our balloons are sold online but you can also call us at 909-982-3301. Email us at or fax us at 909-982-3381 to place your order.

-If you are in Southern California, we can deliver the items to you and show you how to blow them up. For our Nationwide Customers, we have provided videos and tip sheets on this website to help show you how to operate the equipment and decorate with balloons.
Decorating Equipmentt.
How are Latex Balloons Made?

Latex balloons are produced from the milky sap of the rubber tree, Hevea brasillensis. The rubber tree originated in the tropical forests of South America and was taken to Europe from Brazil - hence the Latin name. It is now grown on plantations in many tropical countries. The latex is collected in buckets, as it drips from harmless cuts in the bark. The process is much like that used to collect maple syrup.  The use of latex balloons and other products, such as surgical gloves and condoms, make rubber trees economically valuable, which discourages people from cutting them down and provides a valuable revenue to many third world countries. Rubber trees, from which the latex for balloons is harvested, are one of the main forms of vegetation in tropical rain forests, which in recent years have become crucial to maintaining the earth's fragile ecological balance. Harvesting latex can be more profitable to poor third world nations than raising cattle on the deforested land.
I'm concerned about the environment, are latex balloons biodegradeable?

Latex is a 100 percent natural substance that breaks down both in sunlight and water and should never be confused with plastic. Research shows that under similar environmental conditions, latex balloons will biodegrade at about the same rate as a leaf from an oak tree.
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